Target Presentation Overview

Broad overview on the ease of changing target presentation with your ClayBot. With the ability to alter the trap on 3 different axis’, you can achieve nearly any target look you can think up.

Custom Course setup

Use a single or two ClayBot’s to design your own custom sporting clay course using only one shooting stand location. Requires only a few acres of land to allow ClayBot movement and safe shot fallout zone. Don’t think you have enough room? This video portrays a course setup on less than 3 acres. Bring your creativity and ClayBot out for the day.

Show ‘Belly’ & ‘Dome’ Targets

Want to mimic those ‘belly’ or ‘dome’ targets you tend to see at a tourney? Here is a run down on how to achieve that look.

‘Outgoing’ target setup with MKIV

Curling Targets to Left or Right

Curling targets present a great challenge when shooting, learn how to easily setup with your ClayBot and get yourself practicing the exact shot you want.


Set a teal target with your ClayBot